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Your Computer Fixer was founded in 2005 by a hard working, very creative pc, network technician and web designer Adam Smith, known to most of his friends, family and to the world as DJ Cool A.D.

His career in computers was unavoidable but really unplanned. He was always a great DJ as well as the person who his friends and family would call for anything that was needed technically. While in Junior High School, IS 158, his mother struggled to buy him his first computer at a very young age and his computer teacher saw the talent in Mr. Smith and encouraged him to look towards a career in computers. The year after he graduated intermediate school and while he was in High School, In 1991, his former computer instructor called Adam and offered him his first job in the computer world, as what is professionally called a desktop or network assistant. The school was changing from old Macintosh Apple 2 G's computers to a Microsoft environment. At the young age of 16 Adam installed and networked a school of 150+ computers to perfection.

That work ethic is still in Adam and he installs these values in all of his staff. We really enjoy the feeling of giving our clients a service that they would be proud of. 95% of all companies in the IT field put customer satisfaction secondary to corporate profit. While the founder was in classes studding to obtain numerous certifications, he focused and guided our company towards professional consulting for the small and middle class computer user. This enables us to provide the client with the absolute best 1 on 1 service that we could provide, at fair rates without the many costly Technology mistakes a misinformed or unqualified tech would produce. We strongly believe, the number 1 rule of success in this industry is to fix and design, not break or harm, as data protection and industry standard requirements are the most important need for qualified technicians.

We are not retailers nor do we sell any parts, we recommend only parts and solutions that suits your particular needs while always working with your particular budget. You have the option to buy parts at any store you choose or we could use our expertise and corporate discounts to find any parts that you may require at minimum additional travel or shipping costs.

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